Hello, I am James Polamz King. I can help you write amazing writes that will make your readers crave for more. If you noticed, I said 'writes,' that's right; as long as it's combination of alphabets, I'm in—we are game! 

My services cover but not limited to:

1. Website content creation

2. Ghostwriting services

3. Poems

4. Speech writing

5. Short stories

Why hire a freelancer?

You may be nursing a second thought on why you need someone to write for your blog or to write for you. But a professional writer (that's me of course!) can:

* Create quality contents for your blog—this will in time get you an established tribe and not just visitors.

* Join the pieces together—you don't have to worry about not being able to fulfill your dream of writing a book anymore. I'll work with you and write that your 'Disney world' of fantasy based on your ideas.

* Write catchy headlines and thrilling articles with relevant keywords. I'll write interesting articles that will keep your readers coming for more. I bet you want that!

* Write different forms of poetry: Etheree, haiku, Sonnet, tanka, prose, free verse, idyllic etc.


The services I offer are affordable and are of high quality—the least I could do for my avid blog readers.

For every 300 word article, I charge just $30

Ghostwriting, I charge $50 for every 100 word.

However, all my services are negotiable. Why don't you email me?


Give me a try, and you’ll be glad you did.. Fill the form below to contact me. Don't worry, your emails are highly confidential and therefore will be sacredly kept.

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