Relationship: The Man and the Woman

By James Polamz King

There is this forever affinity between a man and a woman. It's not a new thing as it is evinced in the very beginning. Bible reveals how the first man and woman fall in love with each other. Love at first sight, you may say.

I imagine Adam saying, 'O' beautiful Lord, what beautiful damsel have you given me on this beautiful day in a beautiful garden, before these beautiful animals.' And as he is saying this, Eve just stands there, naked in all her glory, blushing to life.

Yeah, accolades are natural with lady. In fact, it's part of their makeup. This will take us to the next thought, how to keep your relationship running smoothly.

It's not enough to profess your love to your spouse and not show that love. The logical conclusion or assumption to a sane mind is: probably the love isn't there, maybe it's lust or crush. If you love him or her, you'll show it. Pronto!

Guys, ladies need attention, I mean, attention! When you understand that their mind is like a car that needs constant servicing, you'll have no problem with them. They need daily assurance that you love them. They need you to call, text, flash amidst other things.

See, they know you love them, and still they don't know. That's them! They can be so naughty in abundance, and so loving in preponderance depending on how you run the relationship. It's just them. They need constant assurance and reassurance. 

For them, I love you should be a mantra and not a decree. I love you doesn't end on the wedding day, and it's not only when you need something from them. It's a slogan you've to sincerely and passionately chant to them. They need you to look into their eyes and tell them. 

A lady wants to talk to/with her man for many reasons. To express herself, to connect herself, and to enjoy herself. She thinks she needs to carry her man along, and that it's romantic when she talks intimately with the love of her life. Who else will she talk to and what could be more romantic than that! 

A lady wants to be played with, carried like a child, and cuddled like a pillow. She wants to be the proud wife of a romantic husband. Romance for a woman doesn't start with sex, it begins from your compliments, plays, and detailed observations. She needs you to know she's made a new hairdo, she's wearing a new dress, she's looking stunning, in short, she's the best woman for/to you. 

So my dear, you're the best guy if you learn to listen to your woman. I know it may not be easy, but love is a compromise in the first place.

When you do this, a lady will adore you, adorn you, and add on you. You'll be her King. She'll literally be in deference to you. The magic you need to get all these is just to understand her.


Now ladies, guys don't have the same thinking pattern as you do. They are more egoistic than you are. This simply means, they are very goal-oriented. The best gift you can ever give to your man is to support his noble mission. Sincerely ask him about his vision and how it's progressing, and you'll see the excitement, the energy, and the magniloquence. 

Oh you think men don't talk, you'll see wonder when you're keenly interested in his vision. Rather than talking about your activities all day: how you went to the grocery store, how you met an old friend, how someone insulted you... learn to be engaging in your dialogue with your man. It's not all the time you tell him about your day.

Guys want to know they're adored, he really doesn't need your assurance, because he's not wired to seek that, logic tells him if you don't love him, you won't stay with him at all. But he wants to be appreciated, he needs to know his woman is proud of him. Ego! That's his makeup.

Now finally, to both guys and ladies. Love is the greatest. Let love be the oxygen you both breathe. Let it be your compromising platform. As a man, love will make you want to please and treasure your woman. As a woman, love will make you want to obey and satisfy your man. Do well to read the whole of Ephesians 5.

Love doesn't revenge, it doesn't hate and hold grudges, it loves and keeps loving, and that unconditionally. It respects and obeys. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

Whether you're dating, married, or just thinking of entering a relationship; this article is for you. It's laconic and interesting. It addresses what a man and a woman should do to enjoy their relationship.

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