The Secret

By James Polamz King

Mrs Bakins sits on her spacious table. A glass of 1890 wine occupies her fingers as if it rightfully belongs there. Her dutiful fingers are trembling, but not because of the weight of the wine cup. The cause goes all the way into her past -- 1985.

Few minutes ago, she had been sipping the drink like a gorgeous lady she is. Sitting opposite her is a parasitic man who alone has the secret of this beautiful woman. His name is Jelili.

"Mr. Jelili, I don't have that amount, it's way too much than the past ones. We agreed I will be giving you twenty thousand naira monthly." She frowns.

Mr. Jelili goes over to the window, from the sixth floor he is, he could see the overhead bridge at the distance, and the blue lake also. He speaks without turning. "Madam, I'm not here for stories, it's either fifty thousand naira or not!"


He takes advantage of it, "You know people, especially your husband mustn't hear this. Madam, fifty thousand naira is a pittance to you. Don't be stingy."

She looks thoughtful for a while. "Ok, thirty thousand please, thirty." She speaks up eventually.

"No! No madam." He picks his cellphone.

"And who do you want to call?" 

"Who else if not *oga?" He replies.

"No, no, no-no you can't do that, please." Her eyes laced with tears. "Ok I'll give you but just for this month. You know the economic recession in Nigeria now is cancerous, it's affecting the company seriously" He looks at her scornfully. "It's because of this economic palava that I am increasing my mon--."

"Your money, did you just say your money? Please be careful Mr." She looks at him from head to toe for some seconds, "not your fault anyway." She counts the money and hands it over.

All the while, Jelili licks his tongue. This woman doesn't know anything, I'll still increase it to eighty thousand naira next month; after all, her husband is wealthy. I'll eat this woman. He smiles while counting the money, "Thank you madam." He walks out.

Mrs Bakins keeps staring at the door, how she hates this brother-in-law of hers. Wouldn't it better to take the snake by the tail and tell the truth. The worst her husbad will do is to file for divorce.

Readers, what's your advise for Mrs Bakins? Don't miss the continuity of this thriller, you need to know this secret and it's not what you're thinking.


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