Why Heaven Won't Be Boring!

By James Polamz King

Oh God this is getting awkward! I looked at him again for the umpteenth time. His piercing eyes are still fixated on my very small body! Not that am short, but this is an angel we are talking about. I vacuously rubbed my cheek again. 

"Let's go." The big guy said.

I winced, cowered, and covered my ears. After getting myself, I said to him "Please, don't talk again, each time you speak, you almost get me blown off. Haba, for why?" 

"But I  only whisp--"

"Jesus! You call that whispering?" I cut him short, mouth wide opened. Ok I agree, let's go. 

Where else do I want to go? I brainstormed for a while. To the mount Ever--

Before I finished talking, we were on the peak of Everest. Wow! The sight was breathtaking. "Can you shrink to my size big guy I want us to chit-chat? He did. " Thank you! " I said to him.

So you said God sent you to me? I asked fiddling with his lovely and flexible wings. He nodded and for that I was grateful, I couldn't stand the tornado kind of a voice no more. 

Today is the best day of my life! I've been to so many places on the wings of an angel, gliding in the strongest of winds. I've been to Paris, white house, Pentagon, even Bermuda Triangle. 

We even went to Sambisa forest in the northern part of Nigeria. We visited all the planets. It was fun. I'll tell the whole world about this. I can't wait to fly to Aso Rock and meet with the presidency. I'll also visit the senate so that this angel can  advise them.

I looked at him, or her? "I hope you're not too tired? I thought he smiled.

 "Ko le re mi, mi ki n se eniyan" He replied.

"Jesu o!" I shouted. He just said 'he can't be tired because he's not a mortal' in my vulgate. "You speak Yoruba?" I asked out of sheer excitement before realising he should be able to speak all the languages of the world. 

"Well since you are, I mean since you can't be tired, I want to do something crazy." He kept on looking attentively. So I continued, "I want to jump off the tallest mountain in the world. As soon as I reach half-way, you will come for me. Ok?" 

He nodded.

And I leapt...

"Yeeeeeeeee-eeeee-eeee-hhhhh I don die!!!

"What is it Junior? " My roommate tapped me.

It took five good minutes before I came back to reality. I've been dreaming? GOD!

"Which angel were you shouting?" Tolu eyed me shaking his head.

"you can't understand." I said, still finding it difficult to believe the whole thing had been a dream. Jesus! Paris, London, the White House... So I never really visited those places. I said aloud. 

Then a sudden joy filled my heart and I turned to Tolu. "Heaven won't be boring!" 
He looked at me, "oh, so you've not forgotten about last night discussion?"

"An angel appeared to me in my dream and it was so beautiful." I narrated the whole thing to him. He got very interested and jealous. 

"Please Junior, what prayer point did you pray before you slept?' He asked looking suddenly serious. 

" Why did you ask?" I stared at him.

"I want to dream about the angel too." He replied. I gave a goofy laughter. Before I could reply, he said, ''And am sleeping at that side today." He pointed to where I was lying.


A lot of people think heaven will be boring. They just can't imagine how they will spend 'forever' in an ethereal place with some dull big guys who only know how to fly and worship God. 

Gosh! There won't be cinemas, resort centers, parks, sports etc. No sex, marriage, parties and the likes. Some will even say they'd rather go to hell if it has all those physical appeals.

But hey people, we are forgetting something here. Heaven isn't for mortals but immortals. It's not for the physical body but the spiritual. Before you have access to heaven, you will be given a new spiritual body 1 Corinthians 15:55-57. 

The reason why you lust after the things of this world is because you're still in the flesh. Once you get to heaven, you will see things in different perspective. In fact Bible says  that you won't have questions because you will see things as they really are. See 1 Corinthians 13:12 and 1 John 3:2.

Heaven will be boring you think, because you're judging by how you feel now. Don't forget, your body doesn't and can never understand the ways of the Spirit. Heaven will not be boring my dear. And by the way, did the Bible really say believers will stay in heaven forever? Read your Bible very well.

The issue should be will I make heaven? 

How do we make heaven? It's by accepting the Lord Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Believing He died to forgive you completely and give you eternal life. Confessing Jesus (not confessing sins, can you?) Romans 10:8-9, Hebrews 7:25, 1 John 4:12,13, 20.

So my dear, heaven won't and can't boring!

Bye and don't be a strangeršŸ˜˜

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  1. Funny you wrote this just recently. I know where I'm headed, but I did wonder about Heaven and how we humans will react to it. Thanks, James!

    1. Thanks Lynn for your perennial readership. Heaven is going to be fun because Jesus (JE) will be there bodily. Of course there is more to it. I'll be divulging that on my other blog. Love you!

  2. Heaven s gonna be great and wanna be place. Nobody is to miss it for anything

    1. Yes you're right! It's a place nobody should miss. Let's keep sharing the good news in love. Thanks bro for encouragement.

  3. Nice piece James...Can you take me to the exact corner of the bed you slept at so as to facilatate my tour....LOL..that's on a lighter note.But one amazing thing about this is that we can experience the bounties of heaven now.It's thrilling!


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