Wedding Night

By James Polamz King

"Sister Lucy please stop!" I looked at the lady lying beside me, oh my God! She is a beauty queen. And she knew it, that's why she's trying to seduce me. 

"What's it now?" She asked, bringing her luscious lips to mine. "Nothing," I said withdrawing my head slowly. Her hand trailed my jaw and for a moment I forgot that I was a Nigerian. Before I breathe the next breath, I saw myself flying across Venus. 

"I've always  waited for this special night." She whispered into my left ear, how sweet. "I know, but, you know we shouldn't do this..." I trailed off. 

"But we're married." She pulled me closer.

"Oh! are we?" I asked, allowing myself to be pulled into her embrace. I was literally in some paradise.

Ok, time to tell the truth...

That beautiful lady is my wife, and we got wedded that day. As Christians, we obeyed our God's commandment that we shouldn't engage in premarital sex. It wasn't easy, but obeying God out of love made it easy.

I remember a night it almost happened because of our carelessness. She had come visiting and we lost track of time. Before we knew it, it's already late. I reluctantly allowed her to stay for the night. But I ensured she slept on the bed while I, on the sofa. 

She said she couldn't bear me sleeping on the sofa, and after some talks, I accepted. And before we knew what was happening, we we were in each other's arms. It was then I understood what it means to flee from every appearance of evil. 

Thank God it didn't happen that night. And if you're reading this and it's happened with you, don't be sad; don't be hard on yourself; embrace God's forgiveness today. You can't undo the past  but you can ride on the opportunity of the future. Let go and let God.

It's good to be jovial with your partner. As more as it lies in you, joke and play with your partner. When there is a serious matter, be serious but don't overdo it. I joked with my wife that we can't have sex on our wedding night, and she had a good laugh. She mentions it up till today. 

If you're a virgin, don't lose it for anything, not even for intimidation, societal norms or peer pressure. It's absolutely wrong for you (if you're a Christian) to want to lose your virginity. Keep it and flee every appearance of evil. 

I've to go now. I love you so much! Know that. See you later and don't be a stranger.

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