The day Iya Caro left the village

*My foreign readers should please check the meaning of the asterisked words in the glossary*

It was like a nightmare the day Iya Caro left the neighbourhood. All at once I had many feelings in my dark skinned body. Em, what do they call that in English o, ah alem, ambi - ambivu- e en ambivalence yes! Mama didn't waste her money on me. I'll be writing my school leaving exams by July.

As I was saying, the absence of *Iya* Caro in the neighbourhood is not too good. Though people hated her because of her many-in-one *wahalas* She's funny, she's not funny, she's wicked, she's kind, she's a busybody and she never cared about whose gut is gored. 

There was this time NEPA people came with their usual nonsense, bringing bills for services they failed to render. Our suspicions were confirmed the day they appeared, no wonder the power supply was steady for two full weeks. That's strange, but for the *oyinbos* it's not. In my side of the world, power supply is still a challenge, a big one! 

OK where was I?

We knew their logic, suppy steady power some days to bills delivery so their hands will be tied when they see us. But how wrong they were, not in my neighbourhood, no, not when Iya Caro lived there.

Come closer so I can whisper to your ear what Iya Caro did to them. The last thing I want is Iya Caro's gnarl. She's said to have seven pairs of ears -- yes! I know she's no longer in the neighbourhood, but am not ready to throw caution into the wind. 

Move more closer, good. You see, that day, they said Iya Caro single handedly put three hefty men's back on the red soil at the village market. I wasn't there o, but Shukura my friend said Mary told her that Abike saw the marks of their backs at the market and her mother confirmed the incidence because her father told her that their union chairman told him that one of the...

So you see, I know what am talking about. There was this other time that the king passed a law that didn't favour the women. Guess what Iya Caro did? She threatened to naked herself before the king and his chieves if they refuse to abrogate the stupid law, that's what she called it. 

Oh I wish you understand what her departure meant to the village. The village will be boring without her. And it's annoying at what made her to leave the village, and how she left. Iya Caro isn't wicked, she's just tough. Is that bad? 

Mama calls, I'll tell you the full gist later. I must find Iya Caro. We need her more now.


Iya - Mother

Wahala - problem

Oyinbos - The whites

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