If you don't learn this before marriage, you're a goner!

By James Polamz King

The day was very busy for me. I woke up to a call from office telling me to meet another Engineer at a place for BEME preparation. Professionals involved in Civil Construction will understand me. Sorry if you don't. Anyway, Google is there.

What I thought would take only a few hours ended up taking the whole day! We were preparing the total cost for a project. The person who did it before messed the whole thing up and we had to fix the whole thing up. 

You won't believe we didn't drink water not to talk of eating. And if I don't eat on time, my head aches. It got to a stage, I was seeing doubles. Another time, the figures were dancing. Later, my head began to throb, it's like they were having a wild beach party in my head. 

I couldn't pick calls, so chatting was completely out of it. I couldn't even switch on my data. When we were to print again, the margin gave us problem.

To terminate the long story, we finished and I wobbled home like a cat fish on a table. I was nonetheless excited that I'll meet  food at home because my stomach has been giving some cacophonous sounds. And also, I can't wait to see my baby sister again. 

I know she'll tell me everything that happened to her in the day. How the taxi man hurried her in, how her bag almost fell, how a Teacher praised her etc. Most times, I switch off during discussion and she will ask me to repeat what she has just said of which I'll honestly admit I didn't hear. She doesn't like that, but I've improved greatly of recent. It's necessary if I'm going to marry.

On getting home, I met the door locked. I was too tired to press further, so I went over to my room to change. Now, I had a problem of indecision, which should I do first? Go to the loo, bath or eat. I opted eventually for the loo, after which I went to bath.

Oh my! I was refreshed. I went again to knock on my sister's door, she delayed in opening and when she did, she turned back to her bed. I immediately knew there won't be hugs, chit chats, and it sadly done on me, there won't be food. My stomach gnarled at this. 

I stood there for a while looking at my sister. To be honest, I was slightly annoyed. But then, I put myself in her shoes by reasoning that she must have had a stressful day. 

I wanted to peck her and pat her hair but didn't want to disturb her so that she won't blame me for interfering her dream especially when she was about to be crowned a princess in her dreamland.

I knew what I was going to eat as I saw a pot of stew in the kitchen. I went to buy bread. So I ate bread and stew with tea. And the wild songs reeling in my small head pleasantly turned to praise and worship songs. 

Then it occurred to me that I should share this to encourage just one person. How you're living with your sisters and mother is an exact prototype of how you will live with your wife. Do you shout at them or correct them in love, that is also how you will treat your wife. 

Don't procrastinate your responsibilities, tomorrow might be late. Before you act, reason and consider. Be extremely slow to speak and extremely fast to listen. Ladies are wonderful people that need patience to even deal with themselves. Tolerate them and they will understand and love you.

Bye and don't be a strangeršŸ˜˜

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