Groaner the dog!

A short fictional story about a boy and a dog. This story teaches why it's good to help whenever one can. James Polamz Blog

By James Polamz King

Many live their lives as if there is no tomorrow. They've forgotten that tomorrow will be the judge in the great court of our erratic cosmos. 

Don't they say whatever you'll reap? Thank you for completing that with me. If you have the opportunity to render a help, please do for the sake of tomorrow in which the helped might eventually be the helper.

To get this sunk in, let me tell you a story of how I helped a wounded dog four years ago.

Story... Story... Story...

I didn't hear you very well.

Story... Story... Story...


It was an exceptionally beautiful morning. Perhaps the previous stormy and dreary night had exaggerated the beauty of this morning in my mind.

I had woken up as usual, prayed, bathed, and left the house for site where I was doing my IT. As I got to the junction where I do wait for the company's project vehicle to come pick me up, I heard a groan.

By now, I was already seated on bench in a closed shop by the road side. A drainage separated me and the double lane road. Despite my cardigan, I was still dancing kokonbilo to the song of the musician, Cold.

I peered to my left, but didn't see who or what was groaning. Few minutes later, I heard the same groan. Now I was curious. I stood up, looked left and righ-- nothing!

Then I heard it again, and I saw the groaner. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the offices of the ears and the eyes. 

As I saw the wet dog, everything stood still, even the cars nearby, or so I thought. Oh poor thing! The dog looked at me with pleading eyes, I looked at the dog. It groaned again, I moved closer to it.

I was going to save this dog and that's it! This is operation 'Save this groaner.'  It barked when I attempted to carry it. Ok let me update you about the dog's condition.

The periphagus of the gevenum membrane had already broken. Also the judirarity of the sygosorus muscle had been colossally severed from the parochitum tendon.

In other words, the two hind legs were knotted together, such that it can't move without help. No blood however. So you can imagine the pain it was going through in the cold. Oh dear!

I needed to communicate to this dog but I wasn't a dog. If I barked, it wouldn't hear me, and people will think I was m-a-d. So here is what I did. I assured it I meant no harm by moving my hands slowly in a up and down direction.

The dog got this because it relaxed. I extended my hand to it carefully hoping not to be bitten. 

And yes, I saved the dog! 

The story hasn't ended! Guess what the dog did after I put it beside the drainage? It was looking at me and nodding towards a nearby shop. I didn't get what it was saying at first. And when I did, I was amazed. 

The dog didn't want to stay under the drizzling rain, wow! After granting its solemn wish, I went back to my standby. But the dog kept looking at me - awkward! 

Few weeks later, one of the dogs in the neighbourhood was chasing me. What did I do? Nothing. I knew the dog never liked me, maybe because I dressed well and always walked with confidence unlike most passers-by.

It gave a hot chase and I gave a super hot run. I didn't know I could run that morning because I was even complaining of constipation to the gateman.

In the end, we exchanged, my super hot run reduced to super run, and its chase accelerated to a super hot one. Simply put, it was catching up. 

Guess who came to my rescue?

Mr. Groaner! 

And that's what I started  calling it. I adopted groaner when I discovered it had no owner. Now we are pals and we live happily ever after.


Help when you can, for a time comes when you won't be able, even if you want to. A little help here, a little there coagulates into tomorrow's great kindness and retribution.

Let me know in the comment box if you want me to write more anecdotes about my adventure with Groaner the dog.

I love you. 😘

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  1. Thanks James: This HELP comes i various way:
    -assist somebody
    -advise somebody
    -be useful
    -make things better
    -provide for somebody's needs
    -bring somebody food

    Each One Of Us has GRACE to Help others, Help before you die, don't add to the wealth of the GRAVE.

    Oh Lord. my HELPER, Help me to help someone today.

    1. Thanks Mr. Samson for your gracious comment. I love the way you broke it down. Thanks again.


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