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If you don't learn this before marriage, you're a goner!

By James Polamz King

The day was very busy for me. I woke up to a call from office telling me to meet another Engineer at a place for BEME preparation. Professionals involved in Civil Construction will understand me. Sorry if you don't. Anyway, Google is there.

Groaner the dog!

By James Polamz King

Many live their lives as if there is no tomorrow. They've forgotten that tomorrow will be the judge in the great court of our erratic cosmos. 

The Hidden Treasure

It takes a key made of onyx
To unlock my heart made of elixir.

My mind is locked in a unicorn
And it takes a fable to find it.

The cable leading to my soul
Is somewhere deep in the heart
Of a sleeping dragon snoring
Over the treasures of my affection.

It takes a  princess with a
Heart of a dove, a mind of a
Serpent, and a noble heart to enter
The honourable mysterious
Chamber of my being.

This is the perfect love!

By James Polamz King

You all know I got wedded recently. And that day is the happiest day of my life! Life hasn't been so fair to me, but it is in my marriage.
Oh look at him, so handsome. His eyebrows are hewed perfectly, his lips fitted and paralleled to his smooth nose. Oh my! look at those smiles, how handsome he is, even in his sleep.