Even the Ants Aren't Antsy!

By James Polamz King

Now wait a second, I'm not being pleonastic. The word 'antsy' like any other word has its legitimate place in the dictionary and it means to be restless, fidgety, or apprehensive. 

I won't be wrong to say that ants are one of the most discussed animals from time immemorial. Just a look at there colonies is enough to intrigue anyone. One wonders, how can these tiny little things construct such a castle-like structure?

Though they are ants, they are not antsy! They know what they want to do by instinct. Each ant knows precisely what is expected of it. They are purposeful and nothing is going to make them shift there focus. 

Have you ever noticed that even, when you kill one of them, some will carry the dead or injured ones back to the colony and the others proceed towards their goal?

Apprehensiveness won't stop them from going out to get food. Boldly, firmly, and unflinchingly they march off to the promise land, where they can get food. Perhaps, there is an idea that has cooked in your mind sometime ago but you have been fidgeting about its prospect, why not learn from the ants - launch into it!

The fact that the ants know when to stop 'food-ing' doesn't mean they are cowards, it's because they have laboured all through the summer (dry season) and are now resting and enjoying there sweats in winter (rainy season). You will know when to stop when in the first place you've a function working goal. Define your goals and don't let them define you.

The ants are terrific team-players. There colossal achievement is this enviable because of there understanding of team-work. They don't pretend they can do it all alone. If you will be honest with yourself, you will realize that some of the objectives of your goals can only be achievable by others. Sorry about that, but that's just the way it works. Successful people are not successful alone but with the help of others. 

Know what you can do and can't do, simply put: know your boundary. The ants though tiny can carry loads that are averagely bigger than them. But they will never carry loads they know they can't carry, one or two attempts is enough to tell them 'hey guy, chillax if you still need your mandibles and thorax.' Don't over-dream and don't under-attempt. 

Also, ants are so meticulous. They obey and follow whoever is leading them. And they mind there businesses. I have discovered that the problem most times isn't being goalless, but lacking the determination to follow objectives we've laid down for ourselves. Scribble out steps-by-steps how you want to achieve your goal and sanctimoniously follow them. 

While you should learn from others objectively. Do well to mind your business, the reason being that, it's easy to unconsciously get entangled in others' goal and also easy to get intimidated. 

Believe in yourself and don't be antsy about your target. You might be tempted to be fidgety but determine to stay focused and in due time, you would have made progress. 

Next time you see an ant colony or there line, wait and observe, who knows, you might see something that will imprint your heart. 

What lesson have you learnt from the ants? The comment box is all yours.